Products and Services

Our four practice lines are:

  • Management and Leadership Development

Management and Leadership Development covers structured and progressive development programmes for future leaders in the organisation, from entry-level graduates to senior executives. It is based on a corporate competency assessment at every stage of the management life phase.

  • Specialist Technical Training

We design and deliver technical training programmes to support change within your organisation, where strategy, the regulatory environment, new business processes, or compliance requirements means that your staff are required to work in new ways.  We have delivered technical training programmes in the Pharma, Electrical engineering, and Financial services industries.

  • Audit and Certification

Audit and Certification covers assessment, benchmarking and certification of the competence of individuals, teams, departments.

  • HR Consulting and Advisory

We provide HR Consulting and Advisory for Talent, L&D and Training.  By understanding your organisational requirements we design individual solutions to improve your management performance and delivery capability.

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