Our approach

Edgesharp Corporate Academy focuses on improving organisational performance through the development of people and how they work together.  We are based in UK with representative offices in Germany, France, and the Czech Republic.

7 Building Blocks To Your Success

At Edgesharp we employ best practice to offer you performance enhancing solutions. We have established a 7 step methodology to professionally manage and deliver your project:

Building Block No1. “Know your client”

We make sure we fully understand your business, its objectives and its requirements before we propose a business solution to you

Building Block No.2  “Begin with the end in mind”

We help you describe and map your ultimate organisational development scenario and performance objectives at the start of the project

Building Block No.3 “Diagnosis is knowing”

We employ a variety of organisational and personnel instruments to diagnose and analyse the current organisational status quo, people capability and population potential of your organisation

Building Block No.4 “Pragmatic solutions”

We offer you pragmatic and business-oriented solutions that will increase your people capability, improve your business performance demonstrably and within a realistic time-frame

Building Block No.5 “Managing the project”

We manage your project by project management principles and standards. At any given time in the project you can be sure of structured processes, transparent deliverables and timely outcomes

Building Block No.6 “Measurable results”

We deliver to our mandate and we provide results that will visibly increase your organisational performance and business profit

Building Block No.7 “Client independence”

We aim to provide solutions that enable you to successfully manage your projects and programmes independently of us after our mandate has finished.

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